MiWorkplace - Editor for IBM i

MiWorkplace is an evolving development environment for the IBM i platform. It is not a given set of tools but an integrated development environment developed for the users and with the users. An open development of the editor will bring the most benefit to you.



2017-05-28 — MiWorkplace for pub400 1.1.0 is out.

2017-05-23 — Bugfix release 1.9.1 is out.

2017-05-22 — New release 1.9.0 is out.

2017-04-11 — New release 1.8.0 is out. duck egg egg

2017-02-18 — Bugfix release 1.7.1 is out.

2017-02-15 — MiWorkplace for pub400.com


If you need a customized version of the editor with extra features just drop me a mail and we will develop a solution for your environment.

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Current Development

2017-04-11 — As we now have a much better way to navigate in our **FREE RPG source with the new outline we can move on to being more productive with better content assist. BIFs and Opcodes are covered in content assist. Now we can add variables and procedures. ILEDocs support for **FREE RPG code is also planned.

What else is in the pipeline? Take a look here.

MiWorkplace vs. RPG Next Gen Editor

The MiWorkplace editor was started with the idea to take the RPG Next Gen Editor and improve it. But it was very soon very clear that the editor was not a good base for a new product. So a complete rewrite has been done using the Eclipse e4 platform as a base.

Here are the differences between those two editor:

Furthermore MiWorkplace is under active development whereas the RPG Next Gen Editor has not seen any further development in years.